Friday, 21 October 2011

The Person At Work: John And Diana Edwards, Shoot II


A few days after reviewing my previous contact sheets and working prints, I decided to return to the boat yard in Penryn to re-shoot John and Diana Edwards. Above are a few of the working prints I have produced so far - taken on a Minolta 7000 AF - they are to be analysed properly by my tutor, Guy, on Monday's Crit session. Having said this, I am extremely pleased with the results of this shoot, even more so than the previous.

I have also done a separate shoot with the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, spending half a day on one of their Pilot Boats (see:, however I am not so confident about the results of that shoot as the conditions were not ideal for taking pictures and the action was not that exciting. I will scan the negs nonetheless.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day photographing a local Police Community Support Officer, so will have lots more material to come...


Monday, 17 October 2011

The Person At Work: John And Diana Edwards




This is some work from my first Person At Work shoot, taken on an Olympus OM-2n. It is of Diana and John Edwards, a retired Cornish couple working on their boat The Whyan. They built the boat themselves back in 2000, and have pretty much lived on it since. The boat is officially classed as a Timecharter, and is hired out for both leisure and business purposes.

Unfortunately, I could only stay for about three hours, so I only managed to shoot two rolls of film. However we exchanged numbers and they said I could come back any time - which I intend to do. Above are three prints that I have scanned in so far, but there are more that I wish to post from this shoot when I get time. I am really happy with these results. My tutor really liked the middle, portrait photograph, however he said that because the hands weren't in focus (showing his actual work) it wasn't perfect and didn't fit the brief as well as it could have. This kind of made me angry with myself for not having thought about this whilst I was shooting, but I have taken the criticism on-board and will bare it in mind the next time I am on a shoot. I am, after all, here to learn.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Person At Work

My first official assignment  is called Environmental Portrait: The Person At Work. Basically, what this entails is: going in to the Fal area and getting in contact with local businesses, craftsmen, workers etc. and organise shoots. Project requirements include: use of 35mm SLR cameras with B/W film only, use of ambient light (no flash), to include three workplaces/people in our final images. By the deadline (30th of January 2012) we are required to have three 10"x8" prints - one of each worker.

I shot a roll of film at the Falmouth boat yard this afternoon with my Olympus, so should have some scanned-in images up soon! Stay tuned...


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Beginnings

So this is my very first blog post of any kind, ever. I may have been a bit slow on the up-take to this trend, but whatever. Basically everyone on my course has been instructed to keep an online blog of his or her work during their three years here and beyond. So this is mine: Building Castles In The Air...


Seeing as this blog is based around my studies as an editorial photography student here in Falmouth, I thought I would start it that way. The very first assignment given to us was to go out and capture our first impressions of Falmouth. Naturally, I headed straight for the beach to photograph the huge beach culture that exists around here. But as I found myself wandering Gylly Beach, I couldn't help but pick up on that most British of attitudes: self-consciousness.

Bellow is the final image - taken on my Canon 450D - I submitted to this assignment: 'Changing'. An OAP beach-goer faces away whilst getting undressed. This, for me, highlights the awkwardness and uncertainty when exposing one's self in public compared with other nationalities. Perhaps this wasn't my very first impression of Falmouth, but intriguing nonetheless.